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My Oily Journey!

I'm a Young Living Brand Partner and love sharing on how I incorporate Nature's Pure Plant Juices (or shall I say Essential Oils) to help me manage my day-to-day wellness naturally.
Young Living has made such a massive difference in my
 and my family's life!! 
Learning the truth about all the hidden yukkies in products has encouraged me to change the way I look at store bought cleaning & beauty products. I started ditching toxins and switching to pure natural products to give myself the best chance at living to my body's full potential. ​
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Jan Rose, Engineer

​I played rugby all through my school years up to 26 years-old when I encountered a serious injury. Many years later I started to get weird spasms and pain-like sensations in my neck, due to injuries to my C3, C4 & C5 vertebrae that keep the spine alive. I would feel a sensation down my shoulder into my elbow and it would numb my pinkie. It would come and go with the help of inflammation pills and cortisone injections. Always open to new and better ways, I started using CBD oil. 

Since I work in a environment where we get tested regularly for drug and alcohol abuse I would normally not consider it. But Young Living is 100% THC free - in September 2020 I passed my medical with flying colours. More importantly is that just after using CBD for 3 days every irritating sensation was gone. I have full motor control of my neck back, I could look up and sideways no problem. It has been almost 2 months now and feel like a new person with no limitations. 

They live up to their name, thanks "Young Living"


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