EndoFlex, Progessence Plus & Clary Sage

I have not been very public about my struggle with Menopause & Hot Flashes... some of you might know about my struggles and how I have managed to overcome them..

Let me share some info on these 3 Amazing OIls with you...


As the name indicates, it formulated for our Endocrine systems... yes we have them, no matter if we are male, female, an adult or a child!!

YES... This oil is also safe to use on toddles & teens, be they Male of Female.... YAY!! If you have a teen, then this might just be what you have been looking for 🥴... you know what I mean, right!!

Application Site

I swipe a bit on the base of my neck in front where my thyroid is and also on my back (both sides) where my kidneys are... your adrenal glands sit just above your kidneys

I do this twice a day

Progessence Plus

This Amazing Blend contains Pure Wild Yam, which encourages your body to produce it's own Progesterone... WOW!! Yip, and let me share a secret.... this is not only for when you are in menopause!!

Every female has a period during her monthly cycle when her Progesterone levels dip, this is when you should apply this oil. What you also might not know is that Progessence Plus has helped so many ladies regulate their monthly cycles and experience So Much Less pain during their menses AND it has also even helped ladies that suffer with infertility... WHAT?? YES, can you believe that!!

As for me, when one goes into menopause, all your hormonal levels drop (not just Progesterone & Estrogen) and the result are, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Irritability & picking up weight around your midsection... Oh My Goodness, all I can say is that it's a Challenge!!

Application Site

You can either apply it on your forearm or on your inner thighs... I must be honest, I have applied on both areas... out of pure desperation!! 🤪

I do this twice a day

Clary Sage

This oil is one of the oils that actually helps your body with estrogen production...One component of clary sage oil is sclareol, which mimics the effects of estrogen in the body... How Awesome is that??

Application Site

I apply this on the inside of my ankles, around the front and then around the outside bones of my ankles.... I believe those are the areas that "talk" to your ovaries, fallopian tubes & womb.

I used to only do the right side, but once again, out of desperation I started applying it on both sides.

I do this twice a day


I share with you why I became desperate....I used to be on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Yes, I had seen So Many healing benefits because of the oils, that I decided to ditch my patches & pills and go off my HTS's... - I went cold turkey in Nov last year.

Why you might sk me... because we all know what the HRT's can lead to, right??

Pieter got so furious with me because I went into full blown hot flashes, night sweats & I was like a Mamma Bear that had a sore tooth... HaHa... I laugh about it now, but believe me I had to have long & hard conversations with myself to stay motivated & committed to my oils regime.

It took me 4 months!! Yes, my body had to get rid of all the synthetic gunk first and then the oils started working.

I also believe that the fact that I was using Young Living's Pure Essential Oils anyway it actually helped, because they had started to clean out my cell receptors and my body could actually start reaping the benefits on a cellular level.

There are some ladies that experience immediate effects with this protocol, but I wasn't so luck as I had been on HRT's for about 5 years 🤦‍♀️

Ok... back to my story, sorry I digress...

I then started noticing that my hot flashes became more & more infrequent and that I wasn't getting as many night sweat episodes. I gave it a week and really started paying attention as to when & how many hot flashes I was experiencing... & to my astonishment they where far less and very infrequent.

Needless to say I still continue with my morning and night time routine of oils as mentioned above and I do notice that when my stress levels are higher it's as if they (my hot flashes) want to rear their nasty heads and return.

I'm still on my journey and have had my 1st set of blood tests done, so I'll be updating this message when I have had a few more months on the oils and a second set of blood tests done 😉

NOW... remember, I'm not prescribing, diagnosing or wanting to treat you & your hormonal problems, I'm simply sharing my story with you.... AND... the oils I'm referring to above are the Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Young Living (They come with a Seed to Seal promise of Purity) 💦🍃💜

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