Learn how to get the most out of our loyalty program.

Essential Rewards (ER) program is Young Living’s loyalty program that give members the convenience of their favourite products being delivered to their doors every month.

ER members can earn points toward future purchases with each ER order. The longer they

subscribe, the more rewards they’ll earn!

Please note while Essential Rewards has many amazing benefits subscription is not mandatory, members and business builders can have a successful YL journey even without being Essential Rewards subscribers. Essential Rewards members receive a 20%

discount on the standard shipping rate.

Essential Rewards members also enjoy the opportunity to receive free products based on the PV value of their monthly orders. ER members earn free loyalty oils when they make 50PV or more consecutive orders each month every three months for the first year.

By simply subscribing to Essential Rewards and making a 50PV order or more they can receive free products!

Points calculated based on a percentage of a minimum monthly order of 50PV. The

percentage is determined by the number of consecutive orders.

You may redeem up to 375 points each month.

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