Digize - helps maintain a happy tummy

If you are anything like me and have a very sensitive tummy, then this might just be a Good Read for You…

I constantly have gut issues and have eventually found this magic little bottle of oil. I have even gone out of my way to test if it really is as good as they say it is….& believe me… it is!!

This little oil blend has shocked me in its consistent ability to relieve a multitude of occasional digestive issues:

- occasional reflux from indigestion of certain foods

- bloating

- abdominal pressure

- that uncomfortable "stuffed" feeling

- mild nausea from indigestion of certain foods

- irregularity … being way too regulator or even totally irregular … if you know what I mean

If you have any of the above then this might just be your solution too!!

Optimize your digestion with this potent blend of oils including ginger, peppermint, anise, fennel. These have been used for millennia in ancient cultures for their powerful ability to help stimulate your gut to produce the right gastric juices, aiding the proper break down of foods...all so that your body can better utilize their nutrients instead of dumping them straight in the “waste bin”.

Not only that - but these herbs have been used traditionally to minimize the effects of indigestion such as the bloaty, uncomfortable, stuffed, or slightly nauseous feelings we get after eating something that our stomach doesn't fully agree with.

In other words, not only do these herbs taken with a meal help your gut digest well so that those undesirable effects aren't produced in the first place as by-products, BUT… it also works great even if you don't take it until hours after the fact, at that time when you're experiencing those undesirable effects.

Have you ever wondered why some cultures have certain habits they follow for after consuming their meals?

For instance Chai tea is served after the meal at Indian restaurants…that's because the potent effects of Ginger are helpful as post-meal digestive aids. In Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, ginger and ginger tea are used for a whole host of tummy issues. Even in Western medicine ginger is known for its anti-nausea properties for those with motion sickness, morning sickness or sluggish digestion.

Have you ever wondered why we as westerners get mints when we pay our restaurant bills? Peppermint is one of the best digestive aids & even though it’s artificial peppermint, I suppose it’s our way of getting digestive assistance…HaHa

In addition to these wonderful, well-known herbs, DiGize also contains the lesser-known digestion-aiding oils of tarragon, juniper, patchouli, and lemongrass.

Two ways to use DiGize

Topically - If you're dealing with post-meal discomfort, a drop of DiGize rubbed straight on your stomach can do wonders…. You can rub it on your tummy (fit a roller-ball fitment) at night to help maintain a happy tummy. You can massage it onto your tummy clockwise to get things moving, or massage it anti-clockwise to slow things down. You can eve put a drop in your belly-button when feeling woozy whilst traveling.

Internally - Taking 3 drops in a veggie cap filled with olive oil does wonders to help ease post meal discomfort! The wonderful thing of taking it in a veggie cap is that you don’t have to smell or taste it…yip, the smell is Hectic & the is Even Worse. The tarragon, fennel, and patchouli are the “stinky oils” in the blend, but will do wonders for your gut!! In Arikaans the saying goes “bitter vir die mond is vir die maag gesond”

I keep a bottle in my personal little oil bag…. as mentioned before, I have had constant tummy issues so I don’t go anywhere without a bottle within reach. It’s come in very handy after family gatherings when I’ve eaten a whole lot of different snacks, my meal & then had dessert… it works like a bomb!!

I start my day off with a veggie cap filled with 3 drops Lemon & 3 drops Digize topped up with Olive Oil to dilute it (this prevents an oily burp)… It has changed my gut health… for sure!!

So - go ahead and get yourself some DiGize … Drink it or Rub it on for a Healthy Gut!!

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