Do Not Throw Away An Oil If You Aren't A Fan Of It's Scent At First!!

I repeat...

DO NOT throw away an oil if at first whiff the aroma isn't Heavenly!!

This Can Change!!

First Things First...

What does it mean if you don't like the scent of an essential oil at first?

You may have a negative memory associated with that scent.  Our sense of smell is closely connected to the part of our brain where memories are stored.  Vivid emotional memories are often triggered by various scents.

You may lack familiarity with an essential oil.  If it is your first time being exposed to it, you may find it unpleasant but once you build a relationship with the scent, it can change.

You simply do not like it.  We all have likes and dislikes and that is OK!  I think it's always better to use oils you are attracted to!

There's a hypothesis that if you don't like the scent of a particular oil, that may signify a potential weakness in the organs/system that the essential oil has an affinity to...

For Example:

Clary Sage and the reproductive system... I have had major problems with my reproductive system throughout most of my adult life... & I Can't Handle The Smell... It's Just Stinky To Me... but I apply it because I know it's what my body needs...

When I first smelled Frankincense, I'll be honest, I didn't like the smell...& I knew from everything I had learnt about it that it's considered as The King of Oils... I knew my body needed it... but I just didn't know how I was going to get over not liking it.... WELL... today, I'm glad to report... I Love The Smell & can't imagine my life without it!! 🥰

Another Example for me is Cedarwood, oh my goodness... when I smelt it for the first time I thought... REALLY... how am I ever going to get used to that smell... but guess what, after reading how good it is for deep sleep & started putting it in with our sinus mix for my hubby... I now don't think that it stinks anymore

So, You Might Ask... What Changed??

Well.. first off... our olfactory receptor cells are being regenerated every 30 days to replace neurons damaged by exposure to our environment.  This is fascinating compared to other neurons within the body.  This may influence our olfactory perception.

A lot of other factors also influence our olfaction preferences.  Memory connections and exposure can change with time.... but also age, common colds, flu, allergies, medications, radiation, hormones, pregnancy and an overstimulation can all play a role.

Which Oils Did You Dislike At First, But Now LOVE?? 🥰

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