My Experience with CBD

When I realised that Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise on their CBD oil & that it was guaranteed not to contain any THC (the component in the Marijuana plant that makes you HIGH) and that CBD oil is well known for its ability to regulate pain and inflammation (I have had chronic pain for a number of years & inflammation in my lower back because of my L5 vertebrae having moved from where's it's supposed to be situated) I decided to do some of my own research... HaHa... I know, right!! this is what I found...

Research has shown CBD is effective in supporting healthy immune function, relieving inflammation, regulating stress and anxiety, providing overall calming to the mind, and improving your energy and mood. They phytocannabinoids in CBD oil may be effective in therapeutic protocols for many common conditions.

After doing my own research (I would advise you to do your own research too & also to speak to your health care professional) about CBD and the conditions it's used for I decided to give it a try... what's there to lose right??

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical as I have tried just about everything from pharmaceuticals to injections in my lower back...

To give you a bit of background, I have been taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers for years. I would wait until the pain became almost unbearable and then taking tablets as I have always known that these kinds of medications have a negative effect on my liver and kidneys.

Fast forward to today... I'm Elated With My Results!! I have been taking a half dose in the morning and a half dose at night, as it's always better to start off on a lower dosage.

The first thing I noticed is that my craving diminished & it isn't a mental problem for me anymore... I have a Sweet Tooth and night time snacking as Always Been My Downfall... With the result that I have lost 2,5kg in the last 3 weeks... WOW, I'm blown away!! I must admit, I have also been taking the NingXia Red sachets, so I think that has had an added affect on my gut health ☺️

Secondly, my lower back pain has decreased by at least 80-85% That's been the Game Changer for me!!! I have also been applying the CBD Muscle Rub on my lower back every morning and every evening and that has definitely taken away the stiff feeling I used to have in my lower back.

I'm feeling much happier within myself, lighter, more positive & getting used to a life almost without pain...Needless to say... I'm making Natures Ultra CBD part of my Daily routine now & will keep you posted

Read more about Young Living's Nature's Ultra CBD products and do some of your own research or join our next zoom call and get ready for major changes in you & your family's life too!!

🌿 Wishing you Health & Happiness, Always 🌿

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