My Fav Oily Accessories & Tools

What I Have Discovered on my Journey & Would like to Share With You

As you know... I'm a bit obsessed about my oils and how Amazing they are for our bodies... they have helped me & my family resolve some major health issues!!

I have so many Fabulous recipes, but I needed some accessories to help me make all my DIY oily solutions. To help get you started on your oily journey, I'm delighted to share with you what I use & where you can find them.

  • Firstly, you might ask where I got all these amazing recipes from, well... not only in our Fabulous Community but also from an App called "Pocket on the Go". The app provides you with all the info on the single & blended oils as well a 'Personal Usages' section where you can look up just about any ailment or condition and receive the expert's opinion on how to go about making your own DIY solution, it will give you are the single oils as well as the blends. You would need to purchase Pocket on the Go and then download it on your Android or Apple device.

To make my Veggie Caps, to ingest my DiGize & Lemon drops in the morning ... be sure to add some olive oil in to prevent oily burps from your EO's.... HaHa, I can attest to that!!

I have even made Nasal Inhalers by simply adding Eucalyptus oil to the cotton wicks. A Natural Nasal Spray was another issue in my family I needed a solution for.

  • These 30ml Spritzer Bottles are ideal for a Face Spritz or even a Mask Spray

  • These Little Travel Pouches are so cool for travelling or even keeping your oils in your handbag so that you have them with you at all times. This Mid Size Oil Bag is also Fabulous to have all your oils within reach at all times. For your bathroom or bedside this 6 Bottle Wooden Stand helps keep your oily solutions neat & organised. These 10 Bottle Hard Cover Cases are Fab as well! There are So Many Strorage Solutions, something for everyone... Young Living also have their own 30 Oil Cases available, you have to find a solution that works for you ;)

  • For our bottle Labels, we use this Brother Label Printer, convenient, fast & easy peezy!

Diffuser Jewellery is another way you can have your oils diffusing during the day... Also check out Lilly on FaceBook, she makes gorgeous diffuser jewellery!! I wear mine all the during the day and can smell my fav oils all the time... YAY!!

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